Saturday, 31 May 2014

June Holiday Homework

EL is a skills-based subject. Like any skill, you need to practise consistently in order to be good. Anyone can complete the 2.4km run. But to complete it with a good timing, one needs to train for it. In the same way, if you want to do well for EL, you need to train for it. The June EL holiday homework is designed to help you train for your O-level. Do try to follow the given schedule as far as possible for your benefit.

Comprehension Practice
1) Complete Practice Paper 6, 7 and 8 (page 313 onwards) from the book "Distinction in O level English" you bought in Sec 3 and mark your own work. You should do 1 paper per week in the first 3 weeks of the school holidays. Bring your books for checking during the first lesson in Term 3.

2) Complete the handout on comprehension skills given out to you on the last day of school. If you did not receive the handout, there are some extra copies in my pigeon hole. Bring your completed work to class during the first lesson in Term 3. We will be starting lesson using this set of handouts.

Essay Practice
1) Select 12 questions from Project Ace found here. For these 12 questions, do a detailed essay plan as shown in the sample here. You should do 3 essay outlines a week. Start each essay outline on a new sheet of paper. Submit your essay outlines for checking on the first day of Term 3.

2) Redo Project Ace if you have not yet cleared it. You are not allowed to select a question which I have not marked for you. You have to choose one which I have marked and work on improving it. Submit your essay for marking on the first day of Term 3.

Organise your EL file
Organise your EL file. I will call for file check during the first week of Term 3. Students whose files were properly organised during the previous file check will be exempted.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Project Beta and Preparation for Term 2 Week 9

Preparation for Term 2 Week 9
For each of your Mid Year Common Test Paper 1 questions (reproduced below for you), do a complete essay plan which includes the following:
(a) Detailed question analysis
(b) Stand written in exact phrasing (for Q1 and Q3 only)
(c) At least 3 points written in exact phrasing
(d) Examples in point form

1) The current generation of youth is often referred to as the “Strawberry Generation”. To what extent do you think this is true of the youth in your country?

2) Describe some of the green spaces in Singapore. How important are these places to you as a Singaporean?

3) Discuss the importance of values in society today.

4) Write about a time when you were treated unfairly. How important is the concept of fairness to you?

Project Beta
Project Beta is due on the last day of school for this term. Please refer to the file here for instructions.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Preparation for Mon's lesson

Read the article on sport given out in class today. Using examples from the article, write a balance paragraph / show a balance argument for the following question:

Sport divides more than it unites. Discuss.

  1. Do a detailed analysis of the question
  2. Write down your stand in the exact phrasing as it would appear in your essay.
  3. Write down your balance point in the exact phrasing as it would appear in your essay. 
  4. For each supporting example you would like to include, summarise the relevant information needed for your point in no more than 3 lines. 
There is no need to write the Elaboration, Evaluation or the Link. You only need to write the point for one paragraph if you are raising and opposing view and refuting it. If you are accepting an opposing view as limitation to your position, you need to have points for two paragraphs to display balance. 

All work must be written on paper or printed and brought to class.