Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Reading Programme: Feedback + Admin Matters (17/01/14)

Focus of lesson: Feedback on Reading Programme Assignments

Key Learning Points: (more information below)

Content Learnt:
• Finding the "main focus" of the passage given. E.g. : Why is reading so important

Vocabulary/Grammar Rules: None.


Admin Matters:

• Grade D is the passing grade
• Everything needed for the English Reading File can be found in a special Google Document File found on the English Blog
• All instructions on what to complete for each reading task is on the English Blog
• Reading Assignment due every Monday, unless it's a Pubic Holiday
• Always fill in ALL columns for content page
• Content Page must always be at the top
• Reading File should only contain reading assignments given, not any other homework related to reading.
• Each task must be written on separate sheets of paper per task. No combining 2 or more tasks into one piece of foolscap.
• Corrections: Look out for comments [Not all will have] and correct them


- Finding the points
- Using personal examples to support/refute found point(s)
- For Text 1:
* Look out for points relating to why reading is important

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  1. Genevieve, I thought you were going to work on the second part of the Word Choice lesson? For your class, we did not complete the feedback due to the fire drill. So there is nothing to summarise?