Friday, 7 February 2014

English Summary 28 January 2014

We did the GESS paper

Question 5:
"strange" means that there was an expectation, and it was not fulfilled.

Question 6:
tangle a.k.a. 1) hostile 2) trapped

- be specific
e.g. "whistling and stirling" the weather
its supposed to be wind
wind ≠ weather

- use metaphors to describe

Question 7:
After stating example from the text, explain please.
i) e.g.  Yes. The two enemies stood glaring at one another...

(this does not mean that they hate each other. so at the end, link to....) shows the amount of hatred and dislike they had for each other, enemies of one another.

Question 8:
state definition, then state the word used in the situation.
spot the irony, and state why its effective - remember to read and answer all parts of the question

Question 9:

Question 10:
question is referring to the situation by 1) physical 2) emotional
tight tangle = hopelessly trapped
thick strewn = utter discrimination

Question 11 + 13:
11) i) strange medley
"strange" because of the word "jumbled"

hopeful - wanted to find his enemy
indignant - after all that has happened, he didnt give up. thus, felt angry.

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