Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lesson Summary- 24/02/14

Topic: Comprehension
Materials: CHIJ Preliminary Examination Paper 1

Question 1: (Find out the keywords which will allow you to gain the marks)
  • Xplore (Learning new things)
  • Xplore (Exploring & Enquiring)

  • Xperiment (Create)
  • Xperiment (Experimenting)

Question 2: (Find the purpose of the advertisement in regards to the context)
  • Representation of someone who is creative and loves to experiment (in Einstein)

Question 3: (Search out the information directly from the text)
  • (Benefits for entering the competition)

Question 4: (Infer why support from companies are important for the competition to be a success)
  • To set the standard of the competition by having credible backing
  • More people will be inclined to join in on the competition

Question 5: (Tone in relation to the relationship between the author and the two people)
  • Sarcastic tone (To highlight her plight due to the lack of money)
  • Friendly tone (To ease their way into getting their money back)
  • Intimidating tone (To make the author afraid in order to push her to pay up her dues)

Question 6: (To state the function of inverted commas in context of the passage)
  • To contradict a visitor’s typical open reception by the owner of the house

Question 7: (State the phrase given in the passage, and then infer from the paragraph why it happened)
  • i) ‘Stunned’
  • ii) The writer was too shocked ‘to even move or talk’

Question 8: (State the similar words/phrase that’s given in the line)
  • i) Lumbering
  • ii) Stoic endurance

Question 9: (Something that was expected to happen, but something else occurred in it’s place)
  • Expected (The husband should be worried about their plight)
  • Unexpected (He was confident that they will be able to make do) 

Question 10: (Infer the problem, and then explain further for 2 marks)
  • Her life was full of problems
  • Husband did not fully support her or see her troubles

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  1. The summary will be more useful if you do it the following way:
    (a) What are the types of questions you encountered in the CHIJ paper? Why are these questions set (i.e. broader developmental objectives beyond exams)?
    (b) How should these types of questions be answered?