Thursday, 6 February 2014

Homework on Signposting

Please post what you group has been assigned to do as comments to this thread.


  1. For those wondering what to post, you are supposed to post the meaning of the words assigned to your group and write a sentence for each word.

  2. Group 2: Joshua, Nicholas and Matthew Phong

    As a result:
    Meaning: Consequently or a end product of a action
    The lack of effort in studying for his finals caused him to fail, as a result, he could not graduate.

    Meaning: In addition; other than
    Don't get me wrong, this is what your mother would've wanted. Besides, it's for your own good.

    Meaning: Additionally, (usually used when including another similar reason)
    You have to fret so much, its already over. Furthermore it's your first time so take it easy.

    As such:
    Meaning: In the exact sense of the word
    might want to refer to this:

  3. Thanks for posting. May I request that your sentences not be standard sentences taken from the definitions? It would be good for your own practice if you could try writing them on your own in the context of an argumentative essay. In other words, when I read your sentences, I should be able to see that they could possibly come from an argumentative essay.

  4. Group 3: Joel, Kevin, Adam and Nicole

    1) Although:
    Meaning: In spite of the fact that; even though (Synonym: albeit)
    Sentence: Although there is a large number of students sitting for the entry exam, only a handful of students will eventually make it into the course.

    2) In spite of this:
    Meaning: Without being affected by the factor mentioned. (Synonym: Despite)
    Sentence: In spite of all the benefits, there would still be a group of people who are unwilling to make these changes.

    3) Nevertheless:
    Meaning: In spite of that; notwithstanding; all the same (Synonym: still)
    Sentence: The situation in class has improved significantly, nevertheless there are many obstacles to be addressed.

    1. You probably need to start a new sentence with the word 'nevertheless', instead of using the comma in your example

  5. Group 4: Mavis, Carven, Ruoyu, Shawn Kit

    1) In Comparison

    Meaning: To compare one object to the other for similarities or differences
    Sentence: In comparison to the highly trained governmental soldiers, the local militia were unskilled, unorganized and unable to defend their country as well.

    2) In Contrast
    Meaning: To highlight the wide differences between two relatable objects
    Sentence: In contrast to Andy's perfect homework submission record, Jason's was completely dotted with late submissions and poor quality work.

    3) On the Contrary
    Meaning: To challenge a general perception towards an object or situation
    Sentence: Many people believe that genetically modified food is harmful and unsuitable for human consumption. On the contrary, genetically modified food have been carefully screened and tested before selling it out to consumers, making it harmless to humans.

    4) Conversely
    Meaning: To state an opposing or reverse point of view than that initially stated
    Sentence: The public perception is that smoking causes an increase in lung cancer cases and other medical disorders, although conversely, many of the public continues to smoke due to it's addictive nature.

    1. 1) 'Governmental soldiers' is a strange phrase. 'Government troops' is more commonly used.

      3) 'On the contrary' is a special phrase with a special usage requirement. Check out the entry on 'contrary' in the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary to see how it should be used. You have used it incorrectly.

      4) 'Conversely' is also used wrongly. Please check the dictionary for its usage.

  6. Group 5: Qianhui, Jamie, Matthew Yap, Theodor
    1) Likewise
    Definition: in the same way; also.
    Sentence: In a marriage a man should have a say in family decision, likewise a woman too should have a say in family decisions.

    2) Indeed
    Definition: used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested.
    Sentence: Is the usage of hardcopy reading materials indeed necessary in this current day and age with the technological advancements present.

    3) In Fact
    Definition: used to emphasize the truth of an assertion, especially one opposite to what might be expected or what has been asserted.
    Sentence: Euthanasia has been around for so many years, in fact, it has been legalized in some countries.

    1. There should be a full stop before 'likewise' in your first sentence.

      The use of 'in fact' is incorrect in sentence 3. Your two sentences are not clearly related.

  7. Groups 1 and 6 will be marked as DNS for this assignment.